Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

In four seasons of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, Tyler has read Jim Parsons, Megan Fox, RuPaul, David Arquette and Chrissy Metz, among others, providing specific, detail-oriented and personal messages from the other side and turning even some of the biggest skeptics, including Moby, Tom Arnold and Dr. Drew, into believers. Known for his rational, comforting, and tactful presentation of the information he receives, Tyler lovingly proves to his clients and the audience that consciousness transcends physical death for everyone and that our loved ones never really leave us.


Season 4 Episode 404 Aired 03-07-2019
Season 4 Episode 403 Aired 03-04-2019
Season 4 Episode 402 Aired 02-22-2019
Season 4 Episode 401 Aired 02-20-2019
Season 4 Aired 02-27-2019
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